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What you need to know.

What happens if the product is damaged or lost?

No worries, signs of use are included. In case of severe damage or theft, our insurance ensures that you will incur almost no costs. Only a small deductible between 50 € - 200 € depending on the value of the rental object.

When does the rental end?

If you have booked a fixed term, then the rental ends on the end date. If you have chosen a subscription, you end the rental with a return shipment or return of your product. In case of property at the check out of the booking.

How do I pay?

We try to provide as many payment options as possible for you. Currently you can pay by Pay Pal or credit card. In the subscription model will be automatically debited from you by agreeing to our terms and conditions, we conclude a SEPA direct debit mandate.

Requirements to rent?

In principle, anyone can rent from us. When paying for the entire rental period, no credit check is necessary. In the subscription model we make a small credit check. And after confirming your identity, you can use carefree.

Is a deposit required?

You are only obliged in case of theft to report the theft to the police and send us the confirmation. In case of damage, you send us the broken product back, we will take care of the settlement.

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